RINOWASH irrigator for compressor inhalers

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  • RINOWASH Doccia Nasale
  • irrigator for compressor inhaler
  • blue
  • user manual in Italian (the device is easy to use)
  • post-auction condition
  • Visually the item is in very good condition.
  • Possible damaged packaging or replacement packaging.
  • The Rinowash micronizing nasal irrigator is ideal for the treatment of rhinitis, rhinosinusitis and sinusitis as well as nasal polyps, tonsillitis and otitis media..
  • It should be used as an adjunct to prescribed medication.
  • It makes them more effective, if only by drawing away the nasal discharge that is obstructing breathing. The illness becomes less severe.
  • The irrigator also works well in combination with mineralised water and saline, which doubles the effectiveness of cleansing the respiratory tract.
  • During the operation of the irrigator, 18 μm MMAD particles are generated, ensuring proper deposition in the upper respiratory tract.
  • It is very comfortable, has a practical shape and fits all compressor inhalers.
  • A special patented valve inside effectively controls the outlet pressure at the level of the nasal orifices to eliminate the risk of pressure injuries occurring.
  • The irrigator can be used at a very early age, not just in adults. During operation, it atomises 5 ml of solution in 2 minutes..



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